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Frequently asked questions: 


Q: What are the classroom sizes?

A: K-2nd grade will be 15 students or less.

3rd-6th grade 20 students or less. 


Q: How many classes will there be for each grade?

A: At this time we will have 1 classroom per grade. 


Q: Is there financial aid and scholarships available?

A: Yes, there are both financial aid and scholarships available. 


-Financial aid: if you qualify, you will receive a discounted tuition rate. On the application, there will be a question asking if you need financial aid. When you fill out the financial aid application you will submit your tax return and W-2s, and you will be asked the annual tuition you can afford. It will be presented to our anonymous scholarship committee with your application and a computer-based calculated "need amount" to determine eligibility. All financial aid and scholarship applications are secured and anonymous.


-Scholarship: if you qualify, it will cover the total cost of tuition for your child. You will be asked on the application if you need a scholarship. On the financial aid application, you will answer all the questions and submit your tax return and W-2s to be submitted to the anonymous scholarship committee to determine if a full scholarship will be given. This will be based on computer-based calculated needs. All financial aid and scholarship applications are secured and anonymous.


Q: Will you follow the public school schedule?

A: We do not follow the public school schedule, except for spring break, Thanksgiving Break, and Christmas Break. We have a 4-day school schedule and we start and end on different dates. School begins August 1, 2022, and ends May 25, 2022. Because we have a 4 day school week, there will be some Monday holidays that we do not take off for. 


Q: Will there be school breakfast and lunches provided?

A: There will not be meals provided for students. They will need to eat breakfast at home and pack a lunch to bring to school.


Q: What denomination of faith will be taught at the school?

A: We are a non-denominational, faith-based academy that will lead our day with prayer, teach the ten commandments, teach bible verses through handwriting lessons, and teach Christian values.


Q: What are the school hours?

A: School will begin at 8:00 am and end at 3:00 pm 


Q: Is CPA state-accredited?

A: CPA is not state-accredited and does not plan to be in the future. We believe in pulling the government away from controlling what we learn, how we learn, how our kids are taken care of, and everything else that goes with state accreditation. CPA can create an excellent curriculum, excelling our children way beyond the New Mexico standards of education. CPA will be Nationally accredited and is in the process.